Sunday, 5 June 2016

Create a MySQL Database Connection in Dreamweaver


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This video will teach those who are new to web design how a simple database connection can be established. see video for details, it is a step by step approach

Create a MySQL database connection in Dreamweaver

Once the MySQL user account has been set up and the site has been defined, you can connect to your MySQL database in Dreamweaver. Using the above settings, here are example settings for the MySQL Connection dialog box in Dreamweaver:
Connection Name: Choose a name (such as connEmp)
MySQL Server:
User Name: dbuser
Password: myPassword
Database: enter the name of your database or click the Select button to choose from a list of MySQL databases running on the server.
Note: For the MySQL Server field you must enter localhost if PHP and MySQL are running on the same machine.

MySQL utilities

Third-party tools can help you configure and manage a MySQL database without having to know SQL. These tools are helpful if you prefer to work with databases through a visual interface rather than a command-line interface. You can download and install these tools on the machine running the MySQL database or the local workstation. Some popular tools include PHPMyAdminEMS MySQL Manager, urSQL, and PremiumSoft MySQL Studio.


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